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About The King of Promos

The King of Promos is a part of a multi-media production house that incorporates such services as; event photography, video, graphics, web, print, promotional items, corporate gifts, photo booths and more. With all the experiences of these industries, we are able to apply our knowledge to properly market your brand with the correct items needed to target your demographic. We are the perfect soliciting tool for your company.  Customer service and satisfaction is very important to us, this is why we are very truthful, transparent and respectful in all of our dealings. We do not look at our customers as just clients, but as equals with the same goals in mind… growth.

The King of Promos does business as Duz Corp

Isa Duzgeren
Sort of Important Guy At King Of Promos...
He also likes to stare off into the distance when near fountains and having a camera pointed at him.
He's also a nice guy with a good sense of humour. He would really appreciate it if you come to us for your promotional needs, he has this need to help others and has learned that it gets really expensive.

We are also a caring company, where we give a portion of our sales and time to assist with charities, non-profits and fundraisers which support everything from Cancer research and support, special needs individuals, health related support, children in need, and poverty.

We do this through supplying funds or through our different event systems, as well as helping our clients who want to help connect with these charities. Through this service we help the fundraisers with their events as well as help our clients who are supporting these fundraisers with new opportunities to solicit to new demographics.

When our clients show how much they care about the world, we in turn reward them through exclusive prices and discounts on their next order or on any orders made for the event in the form of swag, gifts, or give aways.

We have many years of experience in this field, and used to provide these items to clients such as Humber College, Scotia Bank, TD Bank, and many more through a third party. Since then we have decided it would make a lot more sense if we provided these services to our clients directly. We are now the official distributors of these promotional items in Canada. You can still contact our parent company for Print, Photo Booth, Photography and other services as you usually have, but we have now made these items a lot easier to get to and find through this website. Our prices have also dropped considering we now distribute the products directly or manufacture them ourselves.

When it comes to business or life, I like to compare it to a plant. A plant must grow so it can absorb more water, so its leaves can capture more sun. If it doens't, another plant will. If we do not seize the day to grow as individuals, to market our company through new avenues we will stop to grow. What happens to plants when they stop growing? They die. You as a person will be left behind as others succeed. Your business will hit a decline and will head in a direction you never want to see. We are here to help promote growth. Consider us as farmers, and all our clients as plants. If your not growing, and your not healthy... than we would not be good farmers, and we are in no mood to sell the farm.

Isa Duzgeren


To all of you, from all of us at King of Promos.ca - Thank You And Happy Shopping!

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