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Destination Wedding Guest Gift Ideas


Destination weddings are beginning to become more and more popular. They are the main choice for many that are re-marrying, a great option for those who are trying to avoid inviting their parents 700 friends, and the economical choice when trying not to spend too much but still have a wonderful memorable wedding that many of the guests will remember. Whats better than going to a wedding and enjoying an all inclusive vacation! Knowing that your guests are about to dish out around $1000+ to attend your wedding makes a lot of couples wonder what they can do to give back to these individuals without braking the bank, and giving them a gift that will always remind them of your wedding. We can create your wedding logo in house!!! You may be wondering why they are in all black, they have to be for imprinting. When placed on an item you can choose any color and the design will tell our machines where the color will go.

Here are some great ideas!

Sku Number Name of ItemLink to Details
DUZS7817 The Foldable Sun Ray Sunglasses Click Here for Details
DUZS6625 Glacier 20-oz. Tumbler with Straw Click Here for Details
DUZS6645 Rally 16-oz. Stadium Cup Click Here for Details
DUZS6600 Cabo 20-oz. Water Bag with Carabiner Click Here for Details
DUZS6868 Fountain Soda 24-oz. Tumbler Click Here for Details
DUZS7682 Beach Bum Inflatable Can Holder Click Here for Details
DUZS7688 Surf & Sand Beach Mat Click Here for Details
DUZS7690 Beach Bum Pillow & Bag Click Here for Details
DUZS7835 Turbo Mini Fan / Flashlight Click Here for Details
DUZS7830 Maxi Mini Fan Click Here for Details
DUZS3810 Color Pop Earbuds Click Here for Details
DUZS9478 Elixer Travel Bag Click Here for Details
DUZS7459 The Condor Cotton Drawstring Cinch Click Here for Details
DUZS7397 The Funnel Drawstring Cinch Backpack Click Here for Details
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