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How we give back

We have made giving back to society a part of our business life. Expect to see us at fundraisers through many different levels of the Duz Corp company sponsorship. One of the main ways we help support fund raising events is through All Events Photo Booth. You may have already seen them at a Prostate Cancer Canada Fundraiser, Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run, Creative Alternatives Golf Day, or at a Mackenzie Health Foundation Run. We also provide Charities the ability to refer all their event swag to us, and we then give a portion of the sales back to the charity.


Charity Referral Program

If you are a part of a Charity / Non-Profit and you are considering items as give-aways / swag at your fundraising event, or to help expand awareness through marketing, we will give you a discount as a thank you for doing what you do. If you are having the swag donated by another company, we will give them a smaller discount, and then give a portion of the sale to the charity in the form of a donation or referral fee. We are also able of porting this amount into a free Photo Booth rental for the event or a discount in the services.

If your charity has some companies that strongly support your efforts and are looking to buy promotional items, they can get them from us knowing that a portion of the sale will be donated to the charity / non-profit. They were going to buy them any way, they might as well help support your cause in the meantime. To do this, contact us to set-up a promo code which can be entered for us to keep track of where the donation will be going.

Our Own Charitable Contributions

We also do our part by helping a lot of charities on our own. By supplying them with monetary contributions, volunteer work, as well as our own projects that we launch to help raise money. Duz Have a Heart is the initiative we launched to help support charities in our own way.


Due to how busy we are, further Information will be coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

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