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Order Requirements

What We Need From You

There is only a hand full of things that we need from you. After you have taken a look at some of the ideas we need you to either contact us, or fill out the Get A Quote form and tell us what you are looking for or what you have chosen. A representative will at that point contact you to give you information about what you’re about to purchase, show you a virtual proof of what this item may look like and ask for the files required for the imprint. Once we have all these we only need payment and production will begin.

Graphic Requirements

We need the image and information that you are planning to print on the items in vector form. Vector graphics usually come from software like Adobe Illustrator. The files must have one of these extensions; .ai or .eps
These files need to come from programs such as Adobe Illustrator CS5 to CS6. If it is compatible to one of these programs, we can make some changes for free.
You can send other forms such as an editable PDF, or a PSD file but there may be some additional charges that may be applied for the graphic work. You can send these files via email, or through our upload link we will supply to you once we are ready to create your product. Once we have you logo or vector art, you can reprint it on any other item without supplying your logo as long as it has not changed and it is safe on our backed-up systems. 
If you need a logo, or the graphic done for you (i.e. Couples that are giving customized gifts to their wedding guests at a destination wedding, such as bottles, beach towels, or beach bags) we do have graphic artists in house waiting to assist you.

Please Note that all text used in graphics must be converted to outlines. To do this you must select the text and go to TYPE in the menu bar, and then select CREATE OUTLINES. Another thing to keep in mind is that the minimum size of any text being imprinted should be no less than 8pt. Anything less than 8pt will probably look like an illegible blur.

Payment Requirements.

We require payment before the items go into production. If you are a new client, we will ask that payment be made via cheque. Production will begin once your payment is in our accounts. A Certified Cheque will start production quicker. We will consider credit card for some clients, return clients, as well as large orders. Sometimes we will allow partial payments around the 75% of the total bill to start production, but will not release the final product until the full payment is made.
You can pay using Credit Card, Certified Cheque, Cash, or Email Transfer. These options that are available to you will be announced to you by our representative.

Color Disclaimer

"Available Colors" are titles of the color name we gave to items. The images are digital representations of product color options and are not exact matches. The images may be different based on your monitor color settings. Order a sample to better determine exact color and/or shade.

Free Shipping on some orders. Contact us for details.
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