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Because we are located in Toronto, all costs for shipping are based on F.O.B. Toronto pricing. You will be notified of the cost. We also offer free shipping on large orders and on some orders made in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. These are provided on a per order basis as we can only offer free shipping to a select few orders per day. We also offer the $20 drop off to pay for the gas to areas our representatives will be close to and are easily accessible.

Because of the nature of our products and services, we are not able to accept returns or give out refunds. We thoroughly go through checks throughout the pre-production portion of the order to ensure you get what you want. If you are informed of issues with your logo due to the size of the smaller details that may cause issues during production and refuse to make changes to allow for better printing and then are not happy with the end product, it’s kind of not our fault. We want to ensure the best quality products and services, but if issues arise we will tackle them before printing so that changes can be made in advance so that there is no need for returns or refunds. To this date, we are yet to have a complaint or an issue after production.

Free Shipping on some orders. Contact us for details.
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