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Special Deals


Considering we have no time to update our Kingofpromos.ca website, the prices are all incorrect. Some are cheaper than what we have posted online, and some are more expensive thanks to the falling Canadian dollar. We have decided to use this as a good reason to give you even better deals than before. Considering you may not know the exact price of an item, we will drop the posted price online by up to 50% off. If you wish to know the actual price, our website:  http://www.leadingpromos.com
has the correct prices. Just copy and paste the name of the item, not the SKU. The best way to get a hold of us is to email us or to call The King of Promos at 416-937-7942 anytime between 9am - 5pm.

The King of Promos.


The Business Card Deal

Buy any item from our store and get 1000 14pt, double sided, full color (4/4) with your custom design for only $40.00 (reg. price: $99).  If you need graphic design as well, get it for only $25 an hour (reg.$80 an hour)
We offer all sorts of print solutions at better rates, and better quality than our competitors. Give us a try. You can also use our print services and get up to 50% off King of Promos promotional items.

Free Shipping on some orders. Contact us for details.
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